My academic writing has been published in the journals Social Studies of Science and Wetlands. I have also published policy research in MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative white paper series.

White-Nockleby, C. 2022. “Grid-Scale Batteries and the Politics of Storage. Social Studies of Science 52 (5): 689–709. https://doi.org/10.1177/03063127221109605.

An earlier draft of this paper also won the honorable mention of the David Hakken Graduate Student Paper Prize (Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing (CASTAC), American Anthropological Association).

White-Nockleby, C., M. Prieto, K. Yager, and R.I. Meneses. 2021. “Understanding Bofedales as Cultural Landscapes in the Central Andes.” Wetlands 41 (8): 102. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13157-021-01500-y.

White-Nockleby, C., B. Villa, M.D. Castillo, L.G. Murillo-Urrutia, M. Angel, and J.C. Osorio. “Advancing the Land Rights of Afro-Colombian Communities: A Qualitative Evaluation of Efforts to Implement Colombia’s Law 70 of 1993.” White Paper Series. MIT: Environmental Solutions Initiative. Link.

White-Nockleby, C., M. Wahid, C. Boone, and B. Delhees. 2021. “Changes in the Contribution of Coal to Tax Revenues in Greene County, PA, 2010-2019.” Camb., MA: Environmental Solutions Initiative. Link.